January 31, 2015

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Tips for First Time Travelers to Belize

??????????Traveling to Belize for the first time is very exciting. Of all the Caribbean countries, Belize is among the most easily accessible and has very minimal entry requirements. It is also an English speaking country. Therefore, asking questions or socializing would not be a very difficult thing to do. If you have already planned your trip to this country, here are a few things that you have to remember:

  • Most of the activities done in Belize are outdoors. You can go swimming, diving, trekking and many others. Therefore, you need to bring mostly clothing for outdoor use. You may also bring formal wear since you might be invited to evening parties. If possible, limit the jewelry you wear. A waterproof watch will be the only jewelry you need.
  • If you are not the type who loves being exposed to the sun, bring a cap or an umbrella. During summer, Belize can be very hot. It may also rain in some months, so it is best to come prepared.
  • If you wish to get a travel agency as your tour guide, you have nothing to worry about. All the licensed travel agencies are reliable. They have permit from the national government and are constantly evaluated for their performance.
  • It is best if you bring cash all the time. There are only a few stores that accept credit card. Banks and ATM’s are also mostly found in Belize City. Once you start traveling to the village, you might need to pay only in cash. They also accept both their currency and dollars. 1 US dollar is equivalent to 2 Belize dollars.
  • Don’t bring a lot of things with you when trekking or going to the beach. You would just waste your time looking after them. Leave them at the hotel for safekeeping.

Hopefully, this trip becomes very exciting and meaningful. You might also want to attend a comedy tour next time. You can click here for more details.

January 31, 2015

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Imagine Dragons’ Belizean Tour

Thinking of a beautiful vacation spot lately? Everybody is in for an adventure but a Belizean tour is probably an expensive plan. Most airlines are offering cheaper deals but it doesn’t guarantee you to save money at all. It’s worth it perhaps; hopping from one island to another in a place like Belize is exciting and amusing. It’s like watching you’re most favorite band in the world in their promising world tour to date. Imagine Dragons’ concert is just around the corner but it’s not happening in Belize. To check out tickets and venues for the said event please click here. You can still hope to see a marvelous concert in the Caribbean in the future, but it’s not happening soon.

Located in the middle of Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is the number one tourist destination in Central America. This Paradise Island is perfect for snorkeling because of its barrier reefs. Visiting the place is costly which means public buses are the cheapest option in terms of transportation. However, rates depend on the distance.

Conquering the city is everyone’s dream. Island hopping, swimming in some of its majestic rivers, visiting the ruins is one of your to-do-lists. This is why booking a vacation bus is essential for a tourist. Once you hit the airport, buses takes over for your Belizean road trip experience. Hiring a bus with a responsible driver is fortunate especially on a group trip. When you get luckier it could be a driver and a tourist guide wrapped in one.

Driving around town is hard due to its narrow roads with other vehicles coming from opposite direction. Difficult but you can stop worrying because they’re ready for the trip as much as you’re preparing to enjoy your day. Look keenly outside the window so that you can ask to stop over for a moment in some scenic spots on your way to your destination. Good bus drivers know how to understand passengers’ feelings.

Saving time is the main advantage of preparing your itineraries ahead for your journey. Arriving at a vacation spot unprepared is frustrating. This is where the help of vacation tour company comes in. paying extra doesn’t hurt if it guarantees your perfect vacation and sightseeing in a spectacular place like Belize.

January 31, 2015

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While In Belize

keel-billed-toucan-belize-2011Being part of the tourism industry, I am often asked of the places to go and activities to do in Belize. In reality, there are actually a lot. Ranking them is tough since they are equally amazing. For the sake of the tourists though, here are the top places and activities in Belize.

The top thing in the list is to dive the “Great Blue Hole of Belize”. Its beauty is unparalleled, and is undoubtedly one of the greatest natural wonders this small country can offer. Located into the center of the Lighthouse Reef, it measures 1000 ft. and has a depth of 412 ft.  Even if it may not be the best dive sites, it is still the most popular among divers because a bird’s eye view of the place would seem like it’s a one big pupil in the sea.

For water-loving people, go try kayaking. It is highly recommended because the combination of crystal clear waters, warm sunshine, and cool Caribbean breeze would make this expedition in Belize an awesome one. As you glide in the pristine waters, you can see untouched coral reefs, marine wildlife, or even sea turtles in the sandy beaches.

For people who want to take a break from the beaches can try visiting Xunantunich, an ancient Maya Ceremonial Center. This is one of the easiest to reach and the most restored ruin in Belize and is home to the majestic El Castillo pyramid which towers at 130 feet. Below the pyramid, a large stucco frieze containing a mask symbolizing the sun god and planet Venus can also be seen.

Belize does not also fall short of entertainment. In Belize City, there are restaurants, casinos, and performing arts center where you can go to party. Even popular band Coldplay has tour dates in Belize. Hopefully, other artists would care to visit and schedule concerts as seen in this site; click here to know more about the upcoming performances.

For a more relaxed activity, it is also recommended to learn how to make authentic Belizean tamales. They are traditional Maya and Mestizo food which are made up of cornmeal stuffed with chicken, pork, or beans with green peas, onions, and peppers and smoked in plantain leaves. Though labor intensive, this activity will totally immerse people in the unique culture in Belize.

January 31, 2015

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Best Country Music for your Hillbilly Road Trips

logo-countryNo matter if you’re just driving a few miles to the next local grocery store, or travel a thousand miles to fly off for a vacation, you got to have your country music along with you. We compiled a list of some favorite country songs to create the ultimate hoe-down road trip play list.

  • “CRUISE”-Florida Georgia Line‘s contagious tune is built for cruising the highways, byways, and back roads. And for the guys in the band, a little chic company is always welcomed on a long haul. Road-trip Lyrics: “Baby you a song—you make me wanna roll my windows down and cruise!”
  • “WHITE LINE FEVER”- Road fatigue gets to a trucker out for a long road trips. Feeling the same? The perfect antidote is this Merle Haggard Road-trip Lyrics: “White Line Fever –A sickness born down deep within my soul.”
  • “I’VE BEEN EVERYWHERE”-Johnny Cash’s edition of the Hank Snow old song out-drives the original with its tongue-twisting roll of destinations arrived to and departed from. Road-trip Lyrics: “I’ve been to
    Reno, Chicago … Baranquilla, and Perdilla, I’m a killer…”
  • “DAYS GO BY” – this Keith Urban’s song is another one that just makes you want to get in the car, turn it up, and put your (Road-trip Lyrics:)”. . .hand out the window—in the wind as the cars go by.”
  • “EVERYWHERE”-Tim McGraw the name dropping of cities just got a really great “outdoor” sensation to it. Road-trip Lyrics: “…Georgia pickin’ them peaches in Carolina barefoot on the beaches…in my heart I’ll always see you –everywhere.”
  • “AMARILLO BY MORNING”A weary rider goes toward his next destination in this George Strait The homesick melody is perfect for long drives at night. Road-trip Lyrics: “Amarillo by morning, Amarillo’s where I’ll be.”
  • “KING OF THE ROAD”- This bee-boppy, finger-snapping song hums the praises of life on the highway. Roger Miller sure was a cool chap. Road-trip Lyrics: “I’m a man of means by no means—king of the road.”
  • “SOME BEACH” – Blake Shelton’s “Some Beach” may sound like a hillbilly “Son of a b*tch” together into a two-syllable word. It probably fits just right, because in each verse somebody pisses him off. Maybe this stressing word needs a break (Road-trip lyrics) “…On some beach, somewhere” (click here for more Blake Shelton’s song/tickets/tour)

October 24, 2014


Discover and Explore Belize

7587539020_ac29197c7e_o-1024x682The smell of the sea, the feel of the fresh forest air and an exciting, totally captivating sight to behold—do you want all these in your next vacation? Then Belize is the place for you for it offers the sea and the sights and even more!

If you are planning to go to Belize or if you are touring Central America, give yourself days to explore Belize, if possible maybe even weeks. There are so many activities that you can do in Belize which will make your three-day stay seem just like a one-day visiting. Aside from swimming under the sea and bathing under the heat of the sun, you can do water activities such as canoeing, kayaking, sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving. If this is not your type, Belize also offers you activities such as birding, caving, hiking and horseback riding. If you want more, you can take a glimpse of their culture and visit archaeological sites. If you want the nightlife, let’s just say, Belize really has a lot to offer—a one-stop shop, if you will.

Belize is perfection but if you are not going to stop until you find a flaw of Belize then I will give you one or two. First, Belize is the most expensive country in Central America. Second, it is simple to get in Belize but difficult to get out. The first problem is much easier to solve. Even if Belize is a little expensive compared to its neighboring countries for it offers world-class accommodations and amenities, it does not mean however that you cannot travel cheaply. Belize has numbers of hotels and restaurants and you do not have to worry about public transport for Belize has it. About problem number two, it is difficult to get out not because of legal matters or anything but because you would not want to. After you experienced what Belize has promised and delivered, you would just want to stay there forever. And some people do, they have a taste then settle down in Belize. About not getting out, well you really have to figure that out on your own.

About Belize

• How to get to Belize

Visitors must have a passport valid for three months after the date of the arrival and return ticket. Visitors who are citizens of the United States and its territories, Canada, United Kingdom and its territories, European Union, Caribbean and Central American Countries are exempted from bringing a visa. For children, the country requires proper documentation including parental consent, if only one parent is with the child, and a valid passport. As for traveling with pets, owners should secure an import permit from the Belize Agricultural Health Authority and a veterinary certificate issued by a registered veterinarian from country of origin.

• People

In Belize, you can travel with your family and with your friends but you can also go solo. Unlike other countries where it is much easier to not bring children or to have at least one companion, Belize is safe as it gets. The people are very friendly and welcoming that you do not have to worry about them misleading you to a different direction if you ask for one. But just to be on the safe side, ask two locals and see if their answers match! But I bet my bus they won’t disappoint you.
Also while some are welcoming and warm, like any other cities, there are also crimes happening in Belize but very seldom does it happen to tourists. Just beware of those who get too close to you for they might be pickpockets.

• Weather

Let us also add the weather to Belize’s growing list of marvellous things. If you want a break from the harsh winter, go to Belize where it is always comfortably warm. Belize has lush jungles and rainforests coupled with the sea breeze so it balances with the heat of the sun. In Belize it’s warm but not hot, it’s cool but never cold.

The dry season is between February and March and June to December is the wet season. The wet season however does not mean that it’s raining everyday through June to December; it just means that it receives more rain compared to the months of February and March. Belize sometimes experience wild storms and hurricanes but no reason to worry for the country has early warning network and the government already designed safety and evacuation procedures that were proven effective.

• Money

As what I‘ve mentioned earlier, Belize may be the most expensive among its neighbouring countries but you can also travel cheaply. You can opt to travel during the off-season by avoiding traveling in the months of October and April. Not only can you get discounts in accommodations but also in airfares. If you are fine with camping, then do so. Not only will it save you money but you can also be as close as you can get with nature. In getting around, you can hitchhike—a form of exercise and a perfect way to see the sights. If you are in a hurry but also need to travel cheaply, take the bus. It is also an opportunity to meet locals. However, if you are on a group tour, the agency will provide a bus for your group and maybe we will be able to meet each other by then!

ATMs are available mostly in tourist destinations so no need to worry about bringing cash with you. Remember though to spend a minimum amount if you want to cash a large bill—shopkeepers would want you to do that or else they might decline. Buy hey! People of Belize are friendly and accommodating.
Credit and Debit cards are also increasingly accepted nowadays.

Places to Visit

There are so many things to do in Belize depending on your mood. If you are an archaeology buff you can check out the following:

o River Safari and Lamanai Maya Site
o Altun Ha Maya Site with Wildlife River Encounter
o Museum of Belize or Old Belize Historical Tours
o Belize House of Culture
o St. John’s Cathedral

If you love the sea and you want to try out water activities, you can visit:

o The Belize Barrier Reef
o Lighthouse Reef
o Jacques Cousteau, known as the Great Blue Hole
o Half Moon Caye
o Glover’s Reef
o Turneffe Atoll
o Ambergris Caye (Northern Island)
o Caye Caulker (Northern Island)

These are just a few places to visit in Belize. If you miss the bustling nightlife of your city or if you want to take it slow and savour the fresh air, if you want to take a walk and see the sights may it be historical, sea or forest—Belize has it.

May 26, 2015

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Touring the Beautiful Country of Belize

blue hole in belizeHaving been a tour bus driver in the beautiful country of Belize for quite some time now, I can say that I know the area pretty well. For those who have no idea where Belize is, it is located on Central America’s eastern coast. Among the countries in this area, it is the only one where the official language spoken is English. However, some of the locals here also continue to communicate in Spanish and Belizean Creole. North of Belize is Mexico while its west and south is bordered by Guatemala. On its east, you will find the Caribbean Sea. Compared to other nation states, Belize is relatively small with is barely 400,000 population and with a land area of only 22,800sq.k. Now, before we end the introduction and move on to the more exciting part – the reasons why you should visit Belize – one little trivia about Belize is that it is where punta music and chewing gum originated. Cool, right?

A Country of Diverse Culture

Among the things that you will enjoy while vacationing in this place is the richness and diversity of cultures that you could immerse yourself in. The various ethnic groups that compose the population of this country include the Mayas, the Creoles, the Garinagus, the Mestizos, and the German-speaking Mennonites. There are also Chinese, Indians, and whites from Canada and the United States. From the aforementioned groups, you can learn about Belizean folklore, particularly the legends of La Llorona, Lang Bobi Suzi, La Sucia, Anansi, Tata Duende, Luguchu Ellis, the cadejo and Chatona X’tabai.

A Real Taste of Wildlife

belize tikki hutTourism being the second top most priority of the Government after agriculture, it is no wonder that Belize is full of wonderful sites to visit. One of the most recommended outdoor activities here is hiking. Enjoy the many kinds of plants, birdlife and animals (e.g. crocodiles, howler monkeys, tapir, jaguar, etc.) in its national parks. If you are a beginner, you do not have to worry about getting lost because most of the trails are designed in loops, enabling you to go back to your starting point. You’ll also find trails here that require the assistance of a licensed and experience tour guide. But whatever is your option, consider camping the are so you could truly experience the wildlife. Just be sure to bring all your essentials since you will be pretty far away from the ‘civilization’. For this purpose, I would recommend, bringing enough food and water, insect repellants, a first aid kit, and medicine. Put these all in a bag made of trustworthy material that could handle an outdoor activity like this like a military backpack.

Aside from camping and hiking, you can also try caving. There are literally thousands of caves in this country that you can choose from. They vary in terms of difficulty, with some only requiring you to walk while others require climbing, swimming, rappelling and more. As such, be sure that you research carefully the cave that you will be exploring so that you can prepare yourself for the physical exertion involved. In most caves, you will find spectacular stalagmite and stalactite formations as well as pottery shards. There are also some that have human remains, ancient intact pottery, natural formations like underground waterfalls, and the like.

A Haven for Water Activity Enthusiasts

In view of its geographical location and the wonderful climate in the area, Belize is a perfect destination for water sport enthusiasts. Here, you will enjoy a great variety of activities in the water such as canoeing, kayaking, sailing, fishing, snorkeling, rafting, scuba diving, and many more. For those who enjoy canoeing, the favorite waterways are the Macal and Mopan Rivers. Here, you’ll have the amazing experience of paddling through the jungle and see wildlife. You can even dock your boat near the little villages in the area and say hi to the locals. As mentioned, you can also indulge in scuba diving while in Belize. This is one activity that you should not miss while you’re visiting this place in view of the fact that Belize is where the northern hemisphere’s biggest barrier reef is located. Not only that, you will find here three out of the four atolls in the whole western hemisphere. Beat that!

Touring the beautiful country Belize is truly a great experience. I should know, I’ve been accompanying people doing this for years. So if you ever get the chance to visit Central America, make sure that our country is on your list.


March 28, 2015


Pet Photography

No family album will be complete without pictures of the family pet. Most pets can easily be photographed almost anywhere. Toy dogs and well-known family pets normally don’t give photographers a hard time during photo shoots, but certain pets like pitbulls for instance, may pose certain difficulties. Just the mere mention of pitbulls may immediately shoo prospective photographers away. Unless you are able to find a well-informed photographer or a dog loving one, don’t be surprised if you end up having to do the photo shoot yourself.

Good photos require good-looking and clean surroundings. If you desire to take the photo shoot at home, clean-up before you ‘shoot’. Give your pet a good combing and clean the surrounding areas, ridding it off any loose fur that are lying and flying around. Check this site for the best vacuum for hardwood which you can use to fix up the place.

For better photos, allow your pitbull to reach its recommended weight. Over-nourished nor under-nourished pets definitely won’t look good on camera. Check best dog food for pitbulls to gain weight. Take proper care of your pet’s total body condition. Use proper dog shampoo for healthy coats. Vitamins and supplements are available from your local vet, ensure good health by getting some for your pitbull. Check cesarsway.com for more tips on pet care.

Give yourself a good feeding before taking pictures. Hungry dogs won’t make good subjects, neither would overfed ones. Give the needed amount for his meal, allow time for digestion, then shoot away. Properly fed dogs are happy dogs and your camera will surely catch that.

Allow a bit of time for physical activity. You wouldn’t want an overly energetic or aggressive pet; that will be hard to manage and direct. Shake the excess energy off, take him for a short walk and maybe allow him to do all that his body requires, including peeing and pooping. Sometimes, the weather may have an effect on your pet’s mood. Pay careful attention to his personality, should he feel down on wet days, avoid photography sessions on a rainy day.

Natural lighting make for the best photos, stay off the flash as much as you can. Flash also causes red-eye in many shots, avoid such by going natural.  Eyes need to be sharp anyway, it’s a must for captivating shoots. Also, camera flashes may also frighten or disturb your pet, so avoid using it as much as you can.

January 31, 2015

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Running the Ultra Marathon in Belize

There are a lot of tourists who visit Belize because of the ruins, the game fishing, and the laidback lifestyle. Although a primarily agricultural country, with the increase in tourist arrivals, tourism has become a big money earner for native Belizeans. There are Mayan ruins to visit in the jungles, and roads are not very much developed. The only way to travel is by bus.

The country’s pace is not glacial. That would be ironic in a tropical paradise. It is like the Spanish manana, but with a bit of urgency. The people are friendly, though reticent at first. There is not much to say, as this is Central America. You have to stay awhile to understand the people.

The country’s national language is English, which is spoken with a bit of Creole, and a somewhat distinct English, Caribbean, and New World Spanish accent. Belize was a British colony, although there were attempts by the Spanish to take it back. It did not even have it’s own distinct borders until recently. This was until Guatemala relinquished its claim to a part of the land along its common borders. This led to Guatemala’s recognition of Belize as a state.

Like any other tourist destination, there are levels and classes in the country. If you prefer to be treated as a tourist, you would stay at tourist hotels and eat tourist food. Otherwise, you can enjoy Belize hospitality at its fullest by eating at local restaurants and food stands. The fish is fresh, as well as the meat and poultry. There’s no use slaughtering a lot of food for storage in a freezing facility. In all probability, the chicken in the soup was still running around the yard just this morning. Knife skills are important for the Belize cook.

Some native indian tribes of Mexico are great at ultra-marathon. Unfortunately, we don’t have them here. This should be a great place for endurance training, and long distance running. Unfortunately, the people don’t have such a tradition for running. Even those with flat feet would run here with no problems. Click here to find out more.

There is almost no traffic on the roads. This makes the bus system all the more important. Anywhere you are, if you want to ride a bus on the highway, you only need to wait around 30 minutes for the next bus.

January 31, 2015

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Belize and Reasons to go

For the past years, this tiny country between the more famous Mexico and Guatemala has become the quintessential eco tourism destination in Central America. This country is a melting pot of interests for different and diverse people. We have the lush tropical rain forest for the trekker, for the beach bum are the pristine white beaches, the Mayan cities for the avid history buff, for the nature guy are the diverse flora and fauna, and the diver’s longest barrier reef found in the Western Hemisphere.

Easier for the International Traveller

Belize speaks both Spanish and Creole and other minor languages but its official language is English which makes it easier for the tourists to communicate with the locals.

The Food

Belizean food is a mixture of Mexican, Spanish, and ethnic groups like Mayan, East Indian, and Garifuna and is very rich and succulent. Some of the top foods to eat are: Fry Jacks, Rice and Beans, Tamales, Stew Chicken, and Hudut.

Perfect Weather

The average temperature for Belize is 29 degrees Celsius, meaning it has almost perfect weather all throughout the year. It also has lush forests that protect the country against the summer heat, and winter means slightly cold but never chilly. Unlike in some states in the USA where you have to browse this site in order to quench your thirst during the hot summer months, Belize offers a relatively less harsher environment.

Historically Important

Researchers have concluded that Belize houses more than 1 million Mayan descendants that have flourished through the years. There are various Mayan temple sites like the Caracol, Lamanahi, and Altun Ha that were discovered here.

The Blue Hole

Known to the world is Belize’s Blue Hole, a glorious place for divers to see the giant stalactites, and dripstone sheets, and also the marine animals that thrive here like the nurse sharks, Caribbean sharks, and groupers. This Blue Hole was made famous by the renowned French Explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau.


Belize is the only home of Jaguar preserve in the whole world. The Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1948 and is the only jaguar preserve present. This reserve also has Puma, Margay, Ocelot, and Jaguarundi.

January 31, 2015

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Exploring the Belize, the Gateway of the Caribbean

belize-01Belize is a very beautiful country in the Caribbean. It lies on the eastern coast of Central America. The country boasts a lot of white sand beaches and other historical places. It also takes pride in its 174-mile long barrier reef filled with sea creatures. If you wish to experience these breathtaking sceneries along with other exciting leisure activities, this country is the best place to visit. If you are already planning to go to Belize, here are the top 3 places that you should not miss out:

  • Placencia village. This place does not only boast white sand beaches, but it also offers other exciting places such as bars, gift shops and restaurants. It also has the narrowest street in the world which has set a Guinness record. The village also has a lot of activities done throughout the year including fun festivals such as the Lobster Festival in June. The place is also teeming with choices of luxurious villas and hotels.
  • Isla y Marina. This is the largest barrier reef in the western hemisphere and is considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has a lot of coral atolls and different marine life forms. In fact, this place has 500 different species of fishes, dolphins, sharks and other sea creatures. It also offers a dive site for tourists.
  • This is an hour away from Belize City. Traveling to this city with a bus will allow you to see exciting sceneries. Cayo is a favorite place for tourists who love to go for ecotourism adventures. It is also a perfect place to visit natural wonders including rivers, caves and waterfalls. Finding a place to stay is also very easy in this city.

Belize has a lot to offer. You definitely have to book your tickets soon. Belize may not be all – why don’t you consider watching a great music band. Click here to get more information.


January 31, 2015

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Katy Perry’s 45-Page Tour Rider

Being a driver is a hard work, you have to sit in front of the wheels for approximately 9 hrs a day. Sometimes you don’t get to go home because you have to drive for one to two days straight and you have to sleep either in the vehicle or a hotel nearby your route. But probably the hardest would be driving for a celebrity. Pop stars have a lot of demands; some are simple and most of the time outrageous. Roar singer Katy Perry as one crazy-dresser (to see some Crazy Perry costumes, read more info here, http://www.katyperryzone.com/costume/) and artist herself, set some crazy standards on her 2011 US tour ride.

  • Perry carried a 45-page Tour Rider (see the full 45-page here)
  • Detailed with very specific furniture requirements
  • Outlined a 23-point “principle driver policy” for chauffeurs
  • The dressing room must be draped in cream or soft pink
  • Needed to be prepared with 2 cream-colored egg chairs, one should have a footstool.
  • A coffee table needs should be “Perspex-modern style.”
  • A pair of floor lamps to be “French ornate style.”
  • The singer’s fridge must come with a glass door.
  • As for the dressing room’s flower arrangement, Katy wanted “pink & white roses and peonies, and/or white and purple hydrangeas.”
  • If the above flowers are not available, Katy will settle for “assortment of seasonal white flowers that include white orchids.”
  • In an attempt to limit the environmental impact of plastic cups and bottles, Katy’s rider noted that water dispensers must be accessible in all production offices and dressing rooms, and that every tour party will be supplied with SIGG water bottles.
  • When it comes to hotel provisions, Katy obliged a “one-bedroom presidential suite” in a “5 star hotel.” With free Internet service and a complimentary breakfast must be supplied to the performer/s and her touring personnel.
  • Chauffeurs should not be allowed to “start a conversation with the client/s”
  • Drivers are in the same way barred from conversing with Perry’s guests or followers.
  • They were also commanded not to stare at the backseat through the rear-view mirror.
  • Wheelmen should also not “ask for autographs or pictures, and especially not while driving!”

Finally, Katy’s ride should always be ready with 4 water bottles (seemingly if she forgets her Sigg).